Programmable money and smart contracts constitute a powerful way for communities and organisations to govern themselves in pursuit of common objectives. But we are still in the discovery phase. It is important to understand where this technology fits in. What kind of impact it will have on different industries. And what opportunities lies ahead for the early adopters.

As a team we are devoted to discover the opportunities and possibilities with this technology together with you. We have a background in working with advisory, evaluation, coaching and project management. And use case discovery, due diligence and organising workshops. Find more details about past keynotes and panels engagements here.

A few notable initiatives:

  • Helped launch the most successful decentralized insurance initiative to date; Etherisc

  • Implemented a project evaluation process at Cofoundit capable of due diligence of hundreds of startups

  • Worked closely with 11 token startups

  • Organized international workshops in token engineering and tokenomics

  • Experience from successfully building and scaling software products and solutions for worldwide customer demand

  • Taken startup ideas from simple concepts to viable business models enabled by versatile platforms and solutions

  • Talked about technology, fundraising, tokenization, disruption, decentralization and other topics at several conferences and events internationally