Block Block

A blockchain exploration space in Stockholm


A starting point for explorers

Hardfork, Embassy House and Sting launched Block Block with the vision to provide an inspiring, collaborative, and productive environment for enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers.

While the technology still is in its development stages, we believe it is especially important for a young ecosystem to be grounded in a common space to share information, exchange ideas, and connect with others.

Block Block is a starting point for explorers. A workspace where you can learn, work, and grow together with other blockchain companies on your mission to build the future.

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The Stockholm blockchain community

Block Block opened up in August 2018, and is centrally located in Stockholm with a space of 2000 square meters. You can reserve a fixed desk of your own or choose an open seat and start working. There are private offices that can accommodate small or big teams.

You’ll find cosy lounges, brainstorming corners, open social spaces, a VR center, studios and more. There's enough space for you to build the blocks of your project and collaborate and get inspired by other people.


The FunTech hub

Deepen your knowledge through workshops and hackathons. Block Block and Embassy House are continuously organising several interesting events with different stakeholders. It’s open to anyone and both beginners and skilled developers to exchange knowledge, innovate, and support development.

Attend meet-ups to discuss industry trends, decentralization, strategy, and more. Decentralized Camp organizes events regularly at Block Block. Token Engineering Stockholm invites thought leaders in token economics.


Drop in and say Hey Hey!

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