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Daniel Zakrisson

Curious startup founder developing companies that use exponential technology to change current paradigms. Cofounded Scandinavia's first personal DNA-testing company in 2008. CTO at a multinational growing medtech company for 7 years and cofounded Cofound.it, an international blockchain startup in 2016. Linkedin profile.

Notable speaking engagements:

  • 2018 Stockholm School of Economics, Speaker: The Creative Destruction of Cofound.it

  • 2018 SXSW, Austin, Speaker and startup competition judge

  • 2017 Token Summit II, San Francisco, Speaker/workshop: Token and Business Model Workshop

  • 2017 Redeye Investment Bank, Stockholm, Speaker: Introduction to ICOs, video

  • 2017 Blockchain Summit, Zug, Moderator “Which Industry Will Be Disrupted Next?”

  • 2017 Rise Of ICOs, Linz, videos

  • 2017 ICO Summit, Zurich, Panelist: State of the ICO market video

  • 2017 Token Summit, New York, Panelist: Blockchain decentralisation & governance, video

  • 2017 The Blockchain Event, Miami, Speaker: The Ideal ICO

Selected publications:


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Jens Frid

Marketing & communications at a Fortune 200 company. Delivering award winning creative campaigns. Heading up an in-house content marketing studio and international brand management for the largest entertainment brands at Viacom covering the EMEA and APAC regions. Involved in launching two successful internet startups in Web 1.0. Digital product management in Fintech. Established Cofound.it in the Nordics. Founding partner of Block Block, a blockchain co-working space. Linkedin profile.

Notable speaking engagements:

Selected publications:


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Morgan Ekmefjord

Visionary multi-disciplinary builder of product and team with a holistic view and agile approach. Having worked with business and product development for my whole career (10y+) I have experience as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur across several businesses and industries. Curious about people and technologies and delivered recognizable results in all stages from disruption and hyper growth at startups to sustaining innovation at worldwide enterprises.

Notable speaking engagements: